Understanding Your Swimming Pool System

What are the names for all those gizmos & gadgets on my swimming pool, you might ask. Well, a lot of our customers are asking what the common terms and names are for the various parts of their swimming pool, and we would love to teach you!

To get everyone speaking the same language about swimming pools, let’s look at the most common features and systems a pool has.

How does a swimming pool work?


The pool circulation system has many parts that work together to collect, treat, and return clean, safe water to your pool. The circulation system includes the pool pump and a network of valves, skimmers, drains, and returns.


  • Water is drawn from the pool via the main drain and skimmer(s) using suction created by the pool.
  • The skimmer has a basket that captures debris before it reaches the pump’s basket.
  • The pump generates pressure which circulates water through a filter to catch any additional debris.
  • The filtered water goes back to the pool.

Common Swimming Pool Equipment

most common swimming pool equipment in Houston TX

Pool pump
The heart of the pool, a pump circulates the pool water.

Pool filter
A pool filter removes debris from the water to keep the pool clean. The filter cleans the pool water.
There are three types of filters:

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter
  • Cartridge filter
  • Sand filter

Pool heater
A heater warms the pool or spa water , extending the swimming season into the cooler months.

  • Natural and propane gas heaters regulate and maintain the perfect water temperature.
  • Heat pumps use heat from the air to maintain the ideal temperature (warm or cool) throughout the swimming season.

Pool lights
Pool, spa, and backyard lights enhance your backyard experience with enhanced ambiance. In addition, lights add safety and
security to your backyard environment. Lights are available in white or colors in multiple brightness levels and they can be
automatically controlled.

Pool sanitation
Sanitization helps to keep your pool water in healthy and usable condition. It can be automated via a chemical feeder or
it can be done manually. Saltwater sanitization turns ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of chlorine.

Pool automation
Automation conveniently and reliably controls pool and spa equipment. It allows you to manage and control nearly
every feature of your pool, spa, and yard from your smartphone.

Pool cleaner
Cleaners vacuum and scrub the floor , walls, and coves of the pool. There are three automatic cleaner technologies: robotic,
suction side, and pressure side. Cleaners either work with your pool’s filtration system or completely independently.

Pool water Feature
Swimming pool designs that include water features add sound and visual beauty to a pool. You can create dramatic, special effects with deck jets, sheers,
laminars, and bubblers. In addition, they can be combined with lighting for really stunning effects.

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Understanding your pool has many benefits. Take it one step further by contacting us if you ever need any help with your pool in Houston TX.

Credit to Hayward Pool Products for input on this post: https://www.hayward-pool.com/shop/en/pools